Signs that a person is addicted to drugs

When it comes to drug addiction, there is a wrong representation that the media gives. This makes it nearly impossible for people to know when others are struggling with drug addiction because they are oblivious to the common signs.  

If someone is dealing with drug addiction, it is important to assist them in getting help because all aspects of their health gradually deteriorate.

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Here are some of the obvious signs that can help you identify drug addiction.

Physical signs

When someone is addicted to drugs, you are more likely to identify the physical signs than any other signs. These signs distinguish them from other people who are living healthy lives.

Some of these physical signs include abnormal changes in skin texture, persistent itching, sudden weight loss or weight gain, regular sniffing, bloodshot eyes, and dilated pupils.

Withdrawal symptoms

Not everyone who is struggling with drug addiction will have access to drugs every time. Some of them may not have drugs for some time due to different reasons, and during that period, they are likely to experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

They might experience irritability, depression, anxiety, vomiting, insomnia, etc.

Loss of interest in hobbies

Drug addicts may find it hard to be more interested in activities that they once enjoyed. You will observe that they will pay less attention to their hobbies or interests because drug addiction has taken over. They will spend more time in activities related to their addiction rather than their previous interests.

A decline in productivity in work/school

If the drug addict is a student, there is a chance that they will not be productive in school as they should be. Their addiction to drugs can affect their overall academic performance.

Similarly, if the drug addict is a working-class adult, their decline in productivity or drop in performance might be noticed by their colleagues.

If you know someone struggling with drug addiction, you can suggest rehab or addiction treatment options to them, so that they can begin their journey to sobriety.

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