Illegal Drugs

Today there are many varieties of illegal drugs that are being abused in our society with deadly consequences. These drugs include marijuana, meth, heroine, prescription drugs, and many more. Each drug will have different properties that induce various states of mind in the user, and many drug users will have a preferred drug or “drug […]

Drug Addiction

Individuals who struggle with drug addiction did not set out to destroy themselves, everyone and everything in their path; rather, these disastrous consequences are the effect of the vicious cycle of drug addiction. For many, drugs seem to be a means of averting emotional and/or physical pain by providing the user with a temporary and […]

Long Term Treatment

Long Term Treatment entails an individual who is recovering from substance abuse spending a great deal of time in treatment over a prolonged period of time. Typically this will entail at least some time in a residential treatment program, and the longer stays can range from 3 to 12 month stints at a residential rehab […]

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

A Drug and Alcohol intervention is designed to make the alcoholic or drug addict realize the extent of their problem and how it effects those around them, particularly family members an friends. Drug addicts will frequently lose sight of the extent of their affliction as they normalize something which is anything but normal. They rationalize […]

Choosing the Correct Treatment

Choosing the correct treatment approach is often a very confusing, difficult and an important endeavor. It is important to be well informed in order to choose the rehabilitation facility for you or your loved one. Each rehabilitation facility is unique in it’s approach to recovery. Take notes of what is important to you, and make […]